the golden spiral


The College of New Jersey STEM Complex, Ewing, NJ


K&A Scope:

FRP Chalkboard and Bench Sculpture approximately 20’ x 22’ x 7.5’ tall

Materials Used: 

Polyester resin with E-glass reinforcement and core as needed. Two integral finishes: Soda blasted black polymer concrete in the chalkboard area. White sandblasted polymer concrete throughout the remainder of the sculpture


Inspired by the Golden Ratio, this 28′ w landmark functional sculpture creates an outdoor classroom and a community gathering site.  Sculpture is a focal point of the STEM complex, serving as an icon for the College and embodying the search for knowledge and insight via higher education. The pursuit of beauty, of underlying order, lies at the core of intellectual inquiry.


Artist: Scott Constable & Ene Osteraas-Constable

Artists: WOWHAUS (Scott Constable & Ene Osteraas-Constable)
Photographer: Tom Crane Photography

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