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rodeo drive dome

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One Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

16-ft diameter hemisphere 



The Rodeo Drive FRP dome was fabricated by pendulum carving a foam segment mold, fabricating multiple FRP segments, and assembling into two-quarter spheres with an internal-facing assembly flange to allow for transportation and simple on-site assembly. The segments were transported to Peter Veres Studio in Mendocino, CA, to apply Venetian glass tile and then to a job site. The dome was assembled on a truck bed, lifted into position, and anchored to the tension ring base.

K&A Scope:

Design fabrication method, engineer and manufacture prefabricated FRP dome with exterior Venetian glass tile bonded to surface. Accommodate transport to the site with minimal on-site time and labor.


Contractor: Jones Brothers Construction

Artist: Peter Veres

Engineer: Juri Komendant

Client: Doug Stitzel and Partners

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