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prana restaurant

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Desert Passage at The Aladdin, Las Vegas 

16 ft x 40 ft facade, 12 ft diameter chandelier



The Prana Restaurant required an FRP exterior panel shape made using Art-CAM software to convert 2-D to 3-D relief patterns. CNC-mill female urethane foam molds for individual panels. Panels fabricated with fire retardant polyester resin, E-Glass reinforcement, and bronze powder-filled clear gelcoat partially removed from high areas of the mold to create discrete translucent regions when back-lit while remaining opaque during daylight hours. The Interior chandelier is made of translucent fire-retardant compound curved FRP panels arranged around a metal armature.

K&A Scope:

Design, engineer and manufacture exterior façade panels. Develop method of creating illusion of opaque antique bronze by day while allowing sufficient translucency to sculpture to convert to back-lit elements after dark while maintaining Class 1 fire retardancy for code compliance. Utilize architects 2-D artwork to create digitally configured 2-D bas-relief sculpture. On interior chandelier, create compound curved translucent fire retardant FRP panels and supporting structure to allow for multiple color lighting as required.

Client: Desert Passage

Contractor: DPR Construction

Architect: Holt Hinshaw Architects

Lighting: Light and Truth

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