marin academy entry facade

Academy Entry Facade_02
Academy Entry Facade_02



San Rafael, CA

28 x 16 plus miscellaneous small parts


K&A Scope:

Prior to demolition of existing façade, digitally capture in high enough resolution to recreate in accurate detail the original entry archway, using LADAR range finding; design fabrication process; engineer and manufacture replica of demolished historic arch. Using data, digitally align and recreate symmetry and repair damaged fragments using mirror-image data from opposite side. Mill urethane foam replica in full-scale from digital data, fabricate FRP female mold and FRP part in one piece for installation to existing new façade structure.



FRP façade using unsaturated polyester resin and E-Glass reinforcement with integrally molded NPG Isothalic marine grade gel-coat. Structural FRP sandwich construction allowed for fastening to existing wall at perimeter through exterior flanges, which were later buried in stucco by others.


Client: Marin Academy

General Contractor: Plant Construction

Architect: Starkweather Bondi Architects

Sculptor: Jacquelyn Giuffre