In process
In process

Photo by Eide Industries Inc w/Andreas Froech



Terasaki Research Institute Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


K&A Scope:

Two FRP tori assemblies 36 parts each (160 sft ea)

Materials Used: 

Polyester resin and e-glass reinforcement as needed. P4000 urethane primer finish prep on convex surface 4,000 grit (final mirror finish by others)


From customer supplied 3D model, K&A fabricated patterns and molds.


Architectural Record

In an ingenious effect, the mirror finish on the cast-fiberglass oculi reflects the roof lines of nearby buildings to the indoors, furthering the connection between the institute and the public. “When these two huge, shiny assemblies arrived at the site on the back of a trailer, people thought they looked like alien spacecraft,” Abe says.

Client: Andreas Froech

Architect/Artist: Atelier Hitoshi Abe