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La Verne, CA

54 ft


Inhale Exhale is an FRP and steel sculpture fabricated by milling one of its segments on our five-axis CNC router using urethane foam. A mold was produced from this pattern, and multiple segments were fabricated to complete 1/3 of the circumference of this three-sided sculpture. Next, the assembly was fastened to the structural steel armature, and another mold of the entire length was taken. Finally, the other 2/3’s of the sculpture was fabricated into this mold. These were then assembled onto the steel frame, faired, and finished with linear polyurethane automotive grade coating.

K&A Scope:

From artist’s 3-D computer data, design fabrication method, engineer, fabricate patterns, molds and manufacture parts to complete the monolithic sculpture.

Artist: The Art Office, Phillip Smith, Principal

Client: La Verne University, Pomona, CA