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ghost trolley

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Aurora, CO



The Ghost Trolley is a translucent FRP sculpture utilizing clear unsaturated polyester laminating resin and E-Glass reinforcement. The sculpture was created by full-scale milling patterns from EPS foam on our large format CNC gantry. Next, the foam was protected, and female FRP molds were made into which the translucent FRP was laminated, cured, and removed. Finally, the mirror image was created and bonded to the other side to form a digitally compressed or distorted "ghost" of Aurora, Colorado's long-abandoned original town trolley.

K&A Scope:

Utilizing 3-D CAD data provided by the artist, digitally compressed into low relief; design fabrication method; engineer and manufacture translucent sculpture, structural support system, and accommodation for internal LED lighting.


Client: City of Aurora, CO

Artist: Lawrence Argent

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