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dropped cone

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Cologne, Germany 

39’-10" high x 19' diameter 



The Dropped Cone piece was commissioned by Neumarkt Galerie and is in Cologne, where it has been installed since 2001. The pair placed the work on the top of the shopping mall due to the congestion of the surrounding streets. The cone is turned upside down and is reminiscent of the same motif appearing in front of ice cream parlors, typical for Cologne. They chose the cone form because of the four letters of the term that can also be found in the city's name and the artists' articulation of consumerism.

Materials Used:

Stainless and galvanized steel, FRP, balsa wood, polyester gelcoat. Height above building: 32' 10 "


Artist: Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Commissioned By: Neumarkt Galerie

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