broad museum oculus



Los Angeles


K&A Scope:

Shop drawings, engineering, fabrication, and delivery to job site.



The facade (aka the ‘veil’) features a depression creating the illusion that it dips behind the glass and re-emerges. To maintain the illusion, the portion inside the building must hang from the glass on the interior without additional external support. The exterior part of the veil is made of GFRC and a steel frame which would be too heavy to support from the mullions. FRP makes a much lighter alternative and can be designed to match the finish of the exterior.


The oculus was designed in 5 pieces to fit through the narrowest door for access to the conference room where it was assembled and installed.


Facade contractor (K&A customer): Seele

General contractor: Matt Construction

Composite Engineer: Jordan Composites, Martin and Martin

Architect: Diller Scofidio + Renfro