Large Scale Rockwork


K&A Scope Digitally scan large-scale maquette provided by artist, segment into appropriate parts and CNC mill female EPS foam “forms” for final sculpture, coating and assembly on site as CIP (Cast in Place) concrete rockwork. Description Digitally scan using Atos laser scanner with close-range photogrametry by Scan Site Inc., Woodacre CA, CAD prepare and mill … Continue reading Large Scale Rockwork

Marin Academy Entry Facade


K&A Scope Prior to demolition of existing façade, digitally capture in high enough resolution to recreate in accurate detail the original entry archway, using LADAR range finding; design fabrication process; engineer and manufacture replica of demolished historic arch. Using data, digitally align and recreate symmetry and repair damaged fragments using mirror-image data from opposite side. … Continue reading Marin Academy Entry Facade

Blue Bear


K&A Scope Fabrication, design and engineering from digital data and installation. Description Digitally scanned and manipulated maquette provided by artist. CNC piece mold generated from computer data. FRP panels fabricated in foam molds and assembled into full-size sculpture. Partial steel armature and assembly joints. Finish in polymer concrete and clear urethane top coat.



K&A Scope From 3-D digital data provided by artist, design fabrication method, engineer and manufacture sculpture for on-site assembly, disassembly and reassembly indefinitely. Surface finish by post-applied veneer plaster. Description Digital data was used to CNC-mill female EPS molds making several segments of the sculpture. The interior and exterior FRP skins of these segments were … Continue reading Illumination



K&A Scope Design fabrication method, manufacture and deliver all composite cube with artist specified optical opening in ceiling to accommodate entry through open bottom submerged in pool. Description FRP flat panels fabricated using vacuum infusion and double thickness of 3/4-inch- thick plywood core to create walls and roof, including tapered square oculus opening. Finish is … Continue reading Skyspace

Floating Peel


K&A Scope Fabrication design, engineer and manufacture an edition of four fourteen-foot-tall sculptures with minimal ground contact. Description From artist’s concept model, the geometry was captured, foam patterns fabricated in full-scale and female FRP molds made of the tops and bottoms of each peel as well as of the remaining portion of the fruit. Due … Continue reading Floating Peel

Prana Restaurant


K&A Scope Design, engineer and manufacture exterior façade panels. Develop method of creating illusion of opaque antique bronze by day while allowing sufficient translucency to sculpture to convert to back-lit elements after dark while maintaining Class 1 fire retardancy for code compliance. Utilize architects 2-D artwork to create digitally configured 2-D bas-relief sculpture. On interior … Continue reading Prana Restaurant

Cupid’s Span


K&A Scope Design fabrication process, engineer and manufacture the sculpture from artists rendering and scale models. Fabrication included steel armature, stainless steel arrow shaft, FRP feathers made from laser-scanned artist model enlarged and molded in one off CNC-milled EPS foam molds, and bow elements consisting of FRP sandwich panels over structural steel armature. Bow string … Continue reading Cupid’s Span

Balzac Petanque


K&A Scope From artist rendering and models, design fabrication method, fabricate foam patterns from 3-D scan data, create reusable FRP molds, fabricate sculpture elements and design, engineer and fabricate assembly system. Description FRP sculpture made from female FRP molds created by digitally scanning artists models, enlarging and CNC milling foam patterns. FRP is comprised of … Continue reading Balzac Petanque