Featured Projects

San Francisco MOMA Facade


Description: This is the largest application of composites on a building facade to date in the US. K&A’s R&D efforts have resulted in an FRP panel – the first of it’s kind – which passes the NFPA 285 fire test required for such an application. The lightweight FRP cladding saved an enormous amount of weight and … Continue reading San Francisco MOMA Facade

Cupid’s Span


K&A Scope Design fabrication process, engineer and manufacture the sculpture from artists rendering and scale models. Fabrication included steel armature, stainless steel arrow shaft, FRP feathers made from laser-scanned artist model enlarged and molded in one off CNC-milled EPS foam molds, and bow elements consisting of FRP sandwich panels over structural steel armature. Bow string … Continue reading Cupid’s Span

SciArc Pavilion


This experimental design and fabrication exercise tested a novel fabrication technique using stretched fabric “molds” as well as the effectiveness and usefulness of computationally predicting the shape of a minimal surface.

Bing Concert Hall


Description: K&A fabricated the nine primary acoustic surfaces (aka “Sails”) on the interior of this new concert hall at Stanford University as well as the (nearly) elliptical ceiling (aka “Cloud”). The Sails range in size from 26′ x 26′ up to 35′ x 50′. The Cloud’s maximum length is 130′. All of the surfaces have … Continue reading Bing Concert Hall

Water Tree


K&A Scope: Design development and fabrication of FRP bubbles for 24’ Tall Water Tree Sculpture. 272 piece mold. Translucent bubbles with UV Resistant clear coat. Assemble & disassemble for installation onsite by K&A.

Red Rabbit


Description: The red rabbit is a 56 foot long sculpture entitled “Leap”. It is installed in the baggage claim area of a new terminal at the Sacramento International Airport. It is the centerpiece of several new art exhibits in the airport, commissioned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. Suspended by 7 cables, it appears to … Continue reading Red Rabbit