Project Category: Architecture

Broad Museum Oculus


Description: The facade (aka the ‘veil’) features a depression creating the illusion that it dips behind the glass and re-emerges. To maintain the illusion, the portion inside the building must hang from the glass on the interior without additional external support. The exterior part of the veil is made of GFRC and a steel frame … Continue reading Broad Museum Oculus

A Gathering Place for Tulsa


Description: This Boathouse Pavilion (under construction) is part of a 100-acre park on the Arkansas River in Tulsa, OK. The roof of the pavilion is comprised of 130 sail-like panels made with FRP which will cover an outdoor patio and restaurant. The panel’s surface area totals 7,400 ft2 (20,000 ft2 of actual material counting the … Continue reading A Gathering Place for Tulsa

San Francisco MOMA Facade


Description: This is the largest application of composites on a building facade to date in the US. K&A’s R&D efforts have resulted in an FRP panel – the first of it’s kind – which passes the NFPA 285 fire test required for such an application. The lightweight FRP cladding saved an enormous amount of weight and … Continue reading San Francisco MOMA Facade

St. Joseph’s Cathedral


San Jose, California’s St Joseph’s Cathedral is number one on the list of historic buildings in CA.  Built in the 1860’s this wood structure badly needed structural repair and restoration.  The dome had to be light to avoid overloading the wood trusses. K&A utilized high-performance boat-building techniques to fabricate all the ornamental ribs, cornices, and … Continue reading St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall


The Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco required 40 pounds per square foot  wall panels which were the key elements in a major acoustic renovation. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the panels were mounted onto massive steel trusses, to “close in” the space around the orchestra and direct the sound to the audience … Continue reading Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall

Rodeo Drive Dome


K&A Scope Design fabrication method, engineer and manufacture prefabricated FRP dome with exterior Venetian glass tile bonded to surface. Accommodate transport to site with minimal on-site time and labor. Description FRP dome fabricated by pendulum carving a foam segment mold, fabricating multiple FRP segments and assembling into two, quarter spheres with internal facing assembly flange … Continue reading Rodeo Drive Dome

Prana Restaurant


K&A Scope Design, engineer and manufacture exterior façade panels. Develop method of creating illusion of opaque antique bronze by day while allowing sufficient translucency to sculpture to convert to back-lit elements after dark while maintaining Class 1 fire retardancy for code compliance. Utilize architects 2-D artwork to create digitally configured 2-D bas-relief sculpture. On interior … Continue reading Prana Restaurant

Marin Academy Entry Facade


K&A Scope Prior to demolition of existing façade, digitally capture in high enough resolution to recreate in accurate detail the original entry archway, using LADAR range finding; design fabrication process; engineer and manufacture replica of demolished historic arch. Using data, digitally align and recreate symmetry and repair damaged fragments using mirror-image data from opposite side. … Continue reading Marin Academy Entry Facade

200 Powell Street


K&A Scope FRP Parapet panels to match existing Terra Cotta. Onsite field dimensioning and mold making of relief panels. Description 2009 Design Award – Restoration Project

Ferry Building


K&A Scope Design fabrication method, engineer, and manufacture second story interior historic brick arches to match remaining original arches, clearstory window frames, lower water course at second floor level; do the same for exterior window surrounds on North wing of West elevation to match South wing window surrounds. Faux finish matching existing brick. Description All … Continue reading Ferry Building